Creating An Account

Creating an account on Paxtecum is simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to enter a valid email address and a password. Having an account on Paxtecum makes life for you as a valued customer easier and quite beneficial.

Why, I hear you ask? Because you can enter your usual delivery address once and then never have to do it again. Making the check-out process so much simpler and faster.

You also can add your favourite items into your own personal ‘Wishlist’. Something you can revisit at a later stage should you decide you want to purchase it.

Plus it also lets you see all your previous, as well as, current orders at a glance. Of course you will also be eligible for the special discount offers that are only made available to Paxtecum account holders from time to time.

We will also automatically send you our Newsletter which has further special discounts, as well

as the latest fashion trends and tips from the world of designer brands.

Should you prefer not to receive our newsletter then you can simply opt out of it.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, then you are very welcome to contact us.

We love to hear from you, honestly we do!…



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